Date of Award

December 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

Committee Member

Lonny Thompson

Committee Member

Sandip Dutta

Committee Member

Ardalan Vahidi


Blockchains have gotten popular in recent times, owing to the security, anonymity, and lack of any third-party involvement. Blockchains essentially are record keeping tools that record any transactions between involved parties. One of the key aspects of handling and navigating of any autonomous traffic on the streets, is secured and simple means of communication. This thesis explores distribution of minimum resources between multiple autonomous agents, by settling conflicts using events of random nature. The thesis focusses on two specific events, tossing of a coin and the game of rock, paper, and scissors (RPS). An improvement on the traditional game of RPS is further suggested, called rock, paper, scissors, and hammer (RPSH). And then seamless communication interface to enable secure interaction is setup using blockchains with smart contracts. A new method of information exchange called Sealed Envelope Exchange is proposed to eliminate any involvement of third-party agents in the monitoring of conflict resolution. A scenario of assigning the sole remaining parking spot in a filled parking space, between two vehicles is simulated and then the conflict is resolved in a fair manner without involving a third-party agent. This is achieved by playing a fair game of RPSH by using blockchains and simulating cross chain interaction to ensure that any messages and transactions during the game are secured.



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