Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Legacy Department

Professional Communication


Haynes, Cynthia


This thesis is an interdisciplinary study that examines the beauty and advertising industries with regard to young women and body image, specifically with respect to body weight. By analyzing America's obsession with perfection, the problem with perfection, and why organizations are or are not 'jumping on board' the socially conscious bandwagon when it comes to advertising and body image, this thesis will provide my audience, marketing professional communicators in the beauty industry, with necessary information so that individuals may serve as advocates for young women while providing their employers with quality dedication to their organization. The six main takeaways professional communicators should get from this thesis are to:
Realize the impact professional communicators have both individually, and collectively, on the identity formation of adolescent females
Consider educating youths about images early on in their lives
Look at successful beauty business organizations that are currently employing socially conscious marketing
Conduct research on alternative marketing strategies
Prepare professional presentations to educate colleagues of this issue
Use personal and professional ethics to lead the discussion of alternative marketing strategies
This thesis also adds to the contributions made to the debate about perfection, the body, as well as organizational and personal responsibility.