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Master of Science (MS)


Graphic Communications

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Nona Woolbright, Committee Chair

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Lori Pindar

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Daryl Stevens


This study explores which color components of a color will enhance a viewer's ability to identify a specific college athletic team's color. The primary question of this research is: how does color impact brand awareness and recognition in the athletic environment? This experiment explores consumer's brand awareness and color construction across demographic differences. The research methodology consists of an online survey with the brand profiles of four college football teams. These profiles include the team's logo, colors, and content that has been created by the respective team. Clemson University, University of Alabama, University of Notre Dame, and University of Oregon were chosen for this study for their national popularity, geographic location, and hue of the school's color. After viewing the profiles, participants were asked to select what they believed to be the team's branded colors from five separate swatches that have altered amounts of luminescence, saturation, and hue present in each swatch. Adjustments to each team's colors will be increased and decreased by five and twenty percent individually for luminescence, saturation, and hue. The survey was produced on Typeform, and was distributed through digital media platforms. The sample for this online survey consists of 210 responses. The data shows that participants were able to notice a difference in an athletic team's colors when altering the color luminescence, saturation, and hue properties, with luminescence being the most prominent factor. Results from this research suggests that further explorations in technical, branding, and marketing avenues can continue to enhance the understanding of a consumer's relationship to a brand, specifically, the brand's color.



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