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Master of Architecture (MArch)

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Peter R. Lee


Neighborhoods are the building blocks of any urban community, and the quality of life is determined by their livability and character. The residents of Biddleville/Five Points Community in Charlotte, N.C., feel strongly about preserving the historical and basic character of their community, yet realize that a need for change and development is essential to the heart of the community which, at present, consists of economic and architectural blighted commercial region.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission recognizes the importance of neighborhoods to the larger community and thereby has labelled the Biddleville/Five Points as part of a Development Enterprise Area with the idea of using public actions to leverage or stimulate additional private investment in areas which have the potential of becoming new growth areas for residential and nonresidential uses; thus advancing the objectives of redirecting growth.

The planning and architectural proposal submitted herewith addresses the need for the development and establishment of identity in the Biddleville/Five Points community. The scope of the proposal ranges from that of an urban scale, which involves the development of commercial and business oriented activities; to that of a community scale, which encompasses services such as day care, health care, residential, recreational and community gathering. With these activities and architectural development, both the economic base and the quality of life for the community will be strengthened, and a sense of identity and space will be achieved which compliments both the historical and basic character of Biddleville/ Five Points.

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