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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Eric K Patterson, Committee Chair

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Insun Kwon

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Anthony M Penna


This thesis documents the process of researching, creating, and constructing body armor for a live-action film character, from artists' concepts to 3D modeling methods to physical construction. Additionally, I will review the early and futuristic histories of armor designs, and their influences on the creation, composition, and construction of costume forms. Such review should reinforce the notion that it is important to understand the past for its influence on the future, and that a historical understanding of armor is vital to warrior costume design across multiple platforms.

The idea of a warrior is essential to the development and design of this project. I created an armored costume that is designed for a character focused on survival in an advanced world that has forgotten how to coexist and collaborate. This serves as an example of a potential world we may one day have to face. This character exists in a world of chaos and strife and needs to learn how to unite those of different skills and background. My aim in this project is to create a character with armor that feels familiar and plausible with the potential to exist.

In developing my thesis, I used the 3D computer graphics application, Autodesk Maya 2017; the 3D digital sculpting tool, ZBrush 2018; the retopology tool, TopoGun 2; and the image-editing software, Adobe Photoshop. I used several artist resources for my conceptual art, and real-life imaging body scans from MR-3D to create photogrammetry models and assets for proper body fit. Renders were achieved with the 3D rendering application, Arnold, while 3D printing assets were constructed using various technologies and materials in the Clemson Makerspace facility.

Through research and practical applications, I acquired new 3D skills while enhancing current ones, investigated resources relevant to the field, and gained additional design and manufacturing experience. I also gained an appreciation for the historical significance and design trajectory of armor in both traditional and futuristic settings. Furthermore, documenting the various aspects of the thesis emphasized efficient production skills, identified creative challenges as they appeared, and prompted adaptive methods to achieve stated goals.



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