Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

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Dieter H Hartmann, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Marco Ajello

Committee Member

Xian Lu


Neutrinos, some of the most elusive particles in the universe are emitted in copious numbers by core-collapse supernovae. Over the course of time, these particles create a faint cosmic background known as the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background(DSNB). The DSNB, if detected, can prove to be a powerful tool to constrain the cosmic star formation history and place significant constraints on the core-collapse supernova physics. In this work, we model this background field and estimate the DSNB flux in the energy range from 19 MeV to 100 MeV. We investigate the change of the spectral shape of the DSNB as the redshift increases. We also predict the core collapse supernova rates of galaxies in the local volume (LV),i.e. distances less than 10 Mpc and predict the number of neutrinos released from individual supernova events from galaxies within the LV. This prediction will not only help us resolve the DSNB but also guide the development of future neutrino surveys.



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