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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Cross, Sydney

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Vatalaro , Mike

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McDonald , Todd


These series of prints, Records and States, demonstrate an investigation into memory through process and narrative. Each body of work serves as a documentation of memory, operating through differing visual vocabularies. The content and process relies on remembering and repeating a matrix to express the traces of memory. Records are a body of information based on past events, compiled and preserved to represent the passage of time through the use of text and numerical symbols. This is a literal and metaphorical association; the process is a time consuming and meditative endeavor whose visual results represent the construction and breakdown of time and memory. States are descriptive of the condition of someone or something at a moment in time. The subject is repeated in different scenarios, always with a similar outcome; while separation from the past experience is seemingly the ultimate goal, the figures discover that they still maintain connections to the past. Both series operate in various modes to express an event, dealing with change and loss, separation and isolation. My conceptual basis arises from past experience, relying on observations and memory. I attempt to describe the disconnect that occurs between people and places over the course of time.

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Fine Arts Commons



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