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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Dr. Eric Patterson, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Terry Tessendorf

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Dr. Brian Malloy


Animation, live-action, and virtual reality all use effects to further express the artistic vision of story creators. The effects help immerse the viewer in a fantasy world that is unlike anything that exists on Earth. In this paper I explain the planning, creation, and final implementation of various effects assets for Making Friends (an animated short), Right to Bear Arms and Hot Air (live-action shorts), and Journey to Proxima Centauri: Terror of the Mnar (a virtual reality experience). I also cover some of the differences and limitations when creating effects for animation, live-action, and virtual reality. Lastly, I explore if it is possible and beneficial to take techniques used in one workflow and apply the concept or tools to make a different workflow easier and more efficient.



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