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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Dr. Eric Patterson, Committee Chair

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Professor David Donar

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Professor Tony Penna


Cinema is the result of crafting an illusion, an acknowledgement of character and art that works to convey meaning to its viewer. The audience recognizes the work to be fiction but still interprets meaning through abstraction. Animation is a cultivation of this applied abstraction to the art of film. As the evolution of traditional art transformed itself from realism into abstraction, animation picked up the torch and pushed the movement onward. Radically changed in the early and mid 1900 by Walt Disney Production, Warner Bros., and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; animation styles shifted to emphasize characters over abstraction, character being any object that possesses ethos, pathos, and a touch of logos. Inspired by and building on ideas of an earlier and simple 2d production, the animated short, Making Friends, implements specific film techniques and animation techniques based on the study of great filmmakers and their methods. The visual narrative that is strengthened by the fusion of these two driving forces. Adapting widely appealing shots from several established directors, the recreation of the story, Making Friends, told through a new medium and enhanced layout, creates a captivating story for viewers to enjoy, while conveying fundamental human themes in a compact form.



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