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Master of Science (MS)

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Marinescu, D C

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Manson , Joseph R

Committee Member

Sosolik , Chad E

Committee Member

Hartmann , Dieter H


The mathematical isomorphism between the layer index in a bilayer system and the spin index in a spin-polarized system is used to draw an analogy between phenomena that occur in the two systems as a result of the electron-electron (e-e) interaction. First, the classical case of the Coulomb drag, a phenomenon resulting from momentum transfer through e-e collisions, is reviewed for both bilayer systems and spin-polarized systems. Then, the spin-backflow phenomenon, a result of the interaction-induced changes in the local quasiparticle energy that affects the charge transport in spin-polarized systems is presented. Finally, the iso-spin correlation is exploited to establish the equivalent charge backflow that appears in a bilayer system when an external electric field is applied to just a single layer. By accounting for interlayer e-e interactions, the backflow current in the otherwise dormant layer is shown to be proportional to the external field applied to the other layer.



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