Moving Monuments: A Study of the Movement of the Exterior Walls at Fort Sumter as Affected by Battery Huger and Earthen Infill

Meghan Olson, Clemson University


This thesis analyzes the movement of the exterior scarp walls at Fort Sumter and examines the way in which the walls may have been affected by Battery Huger and the earthen infill constructed at a later date on the eastern side of the fortification. A concrete structure, Battery Huger is situated in the center of the 1840s fortification and was added in 1899. The thesis indicated that the fortification is moving due to the weight of Battery Huger and earthen infill behind the battery on the eastern portion of the fortification. This research leads to recommendations for Fort Sumter National Monument of the National Park Service on ways to adapt to these structural changes in the short-, medium-, and long-term.