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Master of Arts (MA)

Legacy Department

Digital Production Arts

Committee Member

Dr. Victor Zordan, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Donald House

Committee Member

Kathleen Thum


This thesis illustrates the domino reaction of burning matches caused by heat transfer, which was inspired by the domino effects happening in everyday life. This thesis incorporates both aesthetical and technical skills to model a Computer Graphic (CG) match, design match textures, adjust materials colors and control burning effects. The purpose of this thesis is to simulate the visual effects of a collection of matches burning sequentially. It provides a methodology to design and model the match texture, set up the heat values to move along the match geometry, simulate the flames which change according to the heat values at different match points, and construct the texture changes and bending geometry of match after burning. The proposed procedure in this thesis provides a way to create a collection of matches with any desired number and let them burn sequentially.