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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


Jensen, Heidi

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McDonald , Todd

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Feeser , Andrea

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Detrich , David


The Prickled Lilly Perch series consist of graphite drawings and designed wallpaper, functioning as a device to mediate and reflect on morality. This work illustrates and investigates the cyclical system of birth, life, and death through multivalent, polar conditions. These opposing implications of birth, life, and death are investigated through concept and form, and can be seen through the visual language of whimsy, fantasy, subtle narration, symbols, decoration, and delicate detailing. Operational tools to suggest birth, life, and death are described through transitioning forms, an implied direction upon the human form, aging of a plant, portals, an irrational use of gravity, and the creation of a cyclical system using plants and figures.

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