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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Digital Production Arts

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Victor Zordan, Committee Chair

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Brian Malloy

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Kathleen Thum


High-quality 2D animation for video game production is both strenuous and time consuming. Traditionally, 2D game animation consisted of drawing each frame by hand and processing it into a bitmap for use in-game. As every frame was individually drawn, it was difficult to create enough drawings for smooth animation as well as keep form consistent between frames. Although, this technique usually resulted in a strong sense of 3D volume and realism when well executed. Current technology allows for faster 2D animation workflows using interpolation and bone systems as well as greater consistency, smoothness, and efficiency, but oftentimes the results lose the sense of depth and quality found in traditional animation. This thesis explores efficiently creating, and animating a 2D sprite by utilizing a composite of traditional animation techniques and computer animation practices. Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and the Unity3D game engine, a short game was created to demonstrate this process in a finished work.