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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Putman, Bradley J

Committee Member

Ogle, Jennifer H

Committee Member

Rangaraju, Prasad R


The concept of pavement management system for Clemson University parking network provides a rehabilitation programming strategy for parking and transportation services department at Clemson University. The department invests funds to keep parking lots in good condition which pays large rewards in terms of savings for both Clemson University and parking lot users. Clemson University Pavement Management System (CU-PMS) will provide quality information for better decisions to ensure the funds invested gets the best value. This project consists of developing a useful and efficient network-level PMS for Clemson University parking lot network. The study area includes all the parking lots in the Clemson University. A review of the existing pavements management practices for parking lots was made and the network level Clemson University Pavement Management System (CU-PMS) was developed. Existing data was used for the initial analyses and procedures to collect future data are presented. CU-PMS consists of an inventory, condition assessment, and its analysis. This will identify maintenance options, help prioritize rehabilitating parking sections for immediate attention, and anticipate future deterioration. The information is directed toward achieving the best possible value for the available funds in providing smooth, safe, and economical pavement surfaces. This report documents the methods used for the development of a PMS, the recommendations for implementation of the system, and the recommendations for the preservation of pavements in the study area. The project is a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of PMS on Clemson parking network and also serves to provide parking and transportation services with better decision-making process. The field investigation, analysis, implementation procedures, and conclusions are presented for the application of CU-PMS.



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