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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Visual Arts


Professor David Detrich

Committee Member

Professor Kathleen Thum

Committee Member

Dr. Andrea Feeser


In my art, I work within a Taoist and Shinto-based context to provide opportunities for the individual to discover aspects of her/his pre-socialized self. The notion of the pre-socialized self, referred to as the innocent self in both Taoism and Shinto, is expressed through a vital force generated from one's total being. The vital force that emits from one’s entire body and soul is called Tamashii in Japanese.

I am interested in evoking my audience’s pure Tamashii that is hidden or dormant in their current lifestyle by providing an opportunity for the audience to become more aware of their mind, body, and Tamashii relationship.

I have utilized interactive installation, performance, and sculpture to prompt viewers to recognize their pure Tamashii. My goal of creating artwork is to facilitate an opportunity for the participants to feel and recognize their existence in this time through their actions.