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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Sociology


Dr. Ellen Granberg

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Dr. Ye Luo

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Dr. Kinly Sturkie


I examined reactions, specifically depression and alcohol abuse, of both male and female sexual assault victims with survey data from the National Violence Against Women Survey. I compared victims of both attempted and completed sexual assault with nonvictims in their development of both depression and alcohol abuse. I also examined the level of traumatic characteristics of the assault and its relation to the development of depression and alcohol abuse. I studied gender in all of these relationships as a possible moderator. Both male and female victims develop depression more often than nonvictims. Female attempted sexual assault victims develop problems with alcohol more often than nonvictims. Gender does not moderate either of these relationships. The characteristics of the assault do not have an effect on the depressive or alcohol abuse responses of male or female victims. These findings partially support the hypotheses.