Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department


Committee Chair/Advisor

Valerie Zimany

Committee Member

Dr. Andrea Feeser

Committee Member

David Detrich


Throughout life everyone experiences both physical and psychological pains and adversities. In time, the body, mind and spirit are capable of healing. It is within this liminal space between infliction and renewal that the self endures an elusive process that is part of the human condition. Within my installation I have constructed a metaphor for the physical and psychological stages of healing through form, materials, color and process. The spatial environment evokes the literal and metaphorical notion of restoration through a visual, olfactory and physical experience. As the viewer navigates the space, it is the fragmentation and suggestion of form and textures that allude to healing of the mind and spirit over time. With the use of natural materials, such as slip, cheesecloth, gauze and paper the work further suggests fragility and mortality. Giving form to this intangible notion of psychological healing, it is my desire that the installation allows for contemplation and generates an emotional response in my viewer.



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