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Master of Science (MS)

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Tritt, Terry

Committee Member

Marinescu , Catalina

Committee Member

Rao , Apparo


Relatively low thermal conductivity and great electrical properties in combination with wide tuning parameters through doping make half-Heuslers high potential thermoelectric materials. In this study we plan to investigate the effects of hot-pressing and arc-melting on the thermoelectric properties of ZrNiSn0.975Sb0.025, and Hf0.75Zr0.25NiSn0.975Sb0.025 samples. Also, the effects of electron and phonon scattering due to the insertion of small 50 nm particles within the sample were investigated in ZrNiSn0.975Sb0.025 +4% Al2O3 and Hf0.75Zr0.25NiSn0.975Sb0.025 +4% Al2O3. The Thermopower, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity data from 20K-950K will be presented for each sample.



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