Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Historic Preservation

Committee Chair/Advisor

Hudgins, Carter L

Committee Member

King, Kristopher B

Committee Member

Stiefel, Barry L


This thesis examines Atalaya, the winter residence Archer and Anna Huntington, New York artists and philanthropists, built at Murrells Inlet, South Carolina in 1934. Atalaya is an architecturally unique Spanish Revival residence that resists categorization. However, scholarly writing about the Huntingtons overlooks Atalaya and considers it a mere backdrop for the couple's lives and accomplishments. By compiling an accurate account of Atalaya's construction, this thesis investigates whether Atalaya's significance comes from its design or from Anna Hyatt Huntington's prominence as a sculptor. This thesis makes use of newspapers, Anna Huntington's personal diaries, and papers from the Huntingtons' estate. From these sources, this thesis delineates three distinct periods of Atalaya's history: the selection of Atalaya's design and site, Atalaya's construction, and the final completed residence. Atalaya is significant because it clearly reflects the Huntingtons' lives and interests. The residence also had positive impacts on the local economy and has a truly unique architectural design. In addition, this thesis offers suggestions for how Huntington Beach State Park, the current managers of Atalaya, can create fresh interpretative plans and elements that will expand their current educational programs.



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