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Master of Science (MS)

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Forest Resources


Mikhailova, Elena A.

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DeWalt , Saara J.

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Post , Christopher J.


The effects of polyethylene sheeting as a thermal covering to eradicate kudzu were investigated on an area within the Clemson University Experimental Forest in Clemson, South Carolina on a Cecil clay loam. In 2005, the highest reduction of live root crowns was observed in the complete season treatment (covered for the entire growing season) with a reduction of 42% of live root crowns compared to control (no covering) plots. The next most effective was the one-week treatment (covered for one week, uncovered for one week, then repeated throughout the growing season) that reduced root crowns by 35%. The least effective treatment was the four-week treatment (covered for one week, uncovered for four weeks, and repeated) which killed 24% of root crowns. In 2006, the three treatments had similar efficacy of about 97%. The use of polyethylene sheeting appears not to be cost effective for general control of large kudzu infestations, but is highly desirable and effective for small kudzu patches on urban sites or in riparian zone buffers.

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