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Master of Science (MS)

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Materials Science and Engineering

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Kornev, Konstantin G

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Luzinov , Igor A

Committee Member

Mefford , Thompson O


This research is centered on the analysis of adhesion properties of porous materials and fibers of elliptical shapes. Composites are a unique class of materials having properties, which could not be achieved by either of the constituent materials alone. Composites with porous filler are put into service in buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Fiber-reinforced composites are actively involved in flight vehicles, automobiles, boats, and dozens of other products. In the first part of this study we developed a procedure for evaluation of adhesion of liquids to porous solids, where water, hexadecane and asphalt binder and different rocks were studied to illustrate the methodology. An experimental protocol to evaluate the work of adhesion, a characteristic thermodynamic parameter of the liquid/porous solid pair, was discussed and a mathematical model describing the kinetics of liquid penetration into inhomogeneous porous material was developed and used for interpretation of the experiments. The second part is devoted to the analysis of interactions of liquids with circular and elliptical wires. The behavior of menisci embracing the fiber in the capillary rise experiment was investigated. In particular, we study the profiles of the contact line around cylinders, contact angle, and the work of adhesion of a set of different liquids. Compared to the circular wires, elliptical wires produced taller menisci, hence the wetted area increases. It is expected that the kinetics of resin impregnation into a preforms made of elliptical fibers will significantly change.

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