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Master of Arts (MA)

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Simon, Curtis

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Baier , Scott

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Tamura , Robert


This thesis studies the transmission of human capital across generations. Intergenerational mobility explains the link between parent and child outcomes and is analyzed in this study using the human capital transmission models of Becker and Tomes (1986, 1979) and Solon (2012); and the child labor and school attendance model of Orazem and Funnarsson (2004). Data for this study comes from the IPUMS Linked Representative Sample years 1880-190 where school attendance and occupation were analyzed for the primary linked male as well as their father, mother spouse, and children. Analysis of the data suggests significant determinants of a child attending school are the father’s level of human capital, where the child lives, nativity of the child, and nativity of the parent. Significant determinants of the primary linked male’s occupational income score are the father’s occupational income score, school attendance, where the male lives, the male’s nativity, as well as the parent’s nativity.

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