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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


Wrangle, Anderson

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Cross, Sydney

Committee Member

Feeser, Andrea


Untitled Narratives is a photographic series about changing emotional states, and an evolving identity. The photographs represent a transformation between the confined and the free. The elements I use to portray the movement an individual makes between identities are a combination of a character and an environment. My photographs are driven by personal experiences and show recovery and openness. The character in the series is a representation of myself. The Character symbolizes emotional personas indicating past and present events, which shape the individual I am. I use the character as a representation of the hope and need for change. I describe the setting in the series as an enclosure; a space sealed off and separated from culture and other human presence. The enclosure functions first as a backdrop for the figureís emotive gestures, but it has also become a haven for the character. The scene is a safe space, designed for the figureís freed motions, making movement and performance possible.

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