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Master of Science (MS)

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Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

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Barcelona, Robert

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Arthur-Banning , Skye

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Baldwin , Elizabeth


Coaching in the field of youth sports consists of many different approaches and philosophies. While some, when executed correctly, work well at keeping youth engaged and competing at a high level, there are other philosophies that are not implemented correctly at that high performance level. Past experiences have made coaches examine their philosophies in a different way or even change their perspective altogether. Although there are many different coaching styles and beliefs, little is known about how the philosophies of youth coaches are executed. This research is intended to define the core elements in a coaching philosophy, and determine how coaches develop their philosophy based on what has influenced them throughout their coaching career. In addition, this research intends to examine how coaches carry out those philosophies in a competitive setting. Through this, coaches will be able to more easily to determine what changes (if any) need to be made between what their coaching beliefs are and how to effectively put those beliefs into practice and competition. The results of the research showed that, while many coaches have different styles in coaching, they all had a framework that included similar core elements. The four main themes of Coach Development, Player Development, Managed Competition, and Positive Motivational Climate with the element of fun included in each was what was found to be prevalent in each coaching philosophy. While there are numerous philosophies that coaches use in attempt to effectively coach youth sports, a better understanding of the core elements of coaching philosophies and how to execute these philosophies in a competitive setting will help in ensuring progress in developing effective coaches.



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