Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)

Legacy Department

City and Regional Planning

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dyckman, Caitlin S

Committee Member

Nocks , Barry

Committee Member

Ellis , Clifford

Committee Member

Dow , Kirstin


Resilience is very important to the longevity of inhabited coastal regions. Sea level rise threatens human systems and exacerbates erosion, saltwater intrusion and flooding in coastal regions. Planning for resilience is one way to ensure that coastal communities are prepared for and able to persist through hazardous events, both ongoing and intermittent. This research amasses resilience policies in four categories: ecological, land uses, social, and economic, which reflect concepts of social-ecological resilience. These policies were selected based on their applicability to coastal regions and academic consensus on best practices to increase resilience. These policies were combined in a matrix that can be used in the planning discipline to assess resilience incorporation in coastal planning documents.
Four coastal counties in South Carolina and two cities from each of those four counties were used as case studies to test the matrix. The results revealed a great need for South Carolina think more comprehensively in terms of the needs and priorities of its coastal region.



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