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Espey, Molly

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Tsui, Kevin


The research presented here focuses on high school students' level of interest in Business, environmental and natural resource, and agriculture as possible college majors. Data is derived from quantitative online survey that had been distributed to high school students in business and economics courses across the state of South Carolina during spring 2011, fall 2011, and spring 2012 semesters. Probit and ordered probit models are used analyze high school students' strength of interest in certain majors. Relatively few students are interested in Environment and Agriculture Majors. Females are less likely interested in economics, environmental and natural resource, and agriculture majors than males, but have similar interest in business. Students who have the lowest GPA level, less than 2.0, show little interest in any of these majors, but relatively, they show higher interest in business major. If high school offers environmental classes and clubs, students are tend to be more interested in an environment major compared to other students without environmental classes and clubs in their schools. Students with parents whose jobs are involved with agriculture are more likely to be interested in environment and agriculture majors.

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