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Master of Arts (MA)

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Morris, Keith

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Bushnell , Cameron

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Jacobi , Martin


This creative thesis strives to carve out the constitutional disappointments in our psychic experiences and the equally constitutional human effort to seek a temporal sense of contentment amid the disappointments, from the context of the increasing fluidity of the present world, where international mobility has ceased to be the privilege or misfortune of a few and become the norm of a growing globalized population. In this thesis, an inward-looking, self-exploring approach is employed to explore the pluralism in both disappointment and self-consoling. The limitations in the characters' perspectives are essential to both stories in this thesis, because a limited perspective can lead to disappointments, but it also allows the human subject to stay hopeful with the remaining options after the disappointing turn of events. Both stories are told in first person, because the first person point of view is very effective in showing the limitations of a particular perspective. Inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro, the stories adopt a very meticulous, analytical style of narration--a style that prompts deep thinking in readers and invites doubts.