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Master of Science (MS)

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Biosystems Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Drapcho, Caye M

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Walker , Terry H

Committee Member

Finneran , Kevin T


In this study the production of hydrogen gas by eubacteria Thermotoga neapolitana was investigated. The organism was grown using varying media of cull peach solids and soybean meal. Hydrogen, co-products, and sugar concentrations were observed and compared.
T. neapolitana grew in medium containing peaches and soybean meal as carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively, and produced hydrogen gas. A standard medium containing glucose and yeast extract produced the most hydrogen at 31.5 mmol H2/L-medium. Withholding the vitamins and minerals from the standard the media had a significant effect on hydrogen production reducing the amount of gas produced to 25.8 mmol H2/L-medium. There was no significant difference in hydrogen production among T. neapolitana cultures grown in peach and soybean media with or without vitamins and/or trace elements. Approximately 23 mmol H2/L-medium was produced from these cultures.
Acetate and lactate were produced by T. neapolitana grown in all media. The amount of acetate produced was half that of hydrogen produced. When cultured in the standard media without vitamins and trace elements T. neapolitana produced the most lactate, 5.99 mmol/L. In standard media it produced 3.73 mmol/L and in peach media it produced approximately 0.1 - 0.2 mmol/L lactate.



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