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Master of Science (MS)

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Mathematical Science


Gao, Shuhong

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Matthews, Gretchen

Committee Member

Calkin, Neil

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Burr, Michael


In this thesis, we consider secret sharing schemes and network coding. Both of these fields are vital in today's age as secret sharing schemes are currently being implemented by government agencies and private companies, and as network coding is continuously being used for IP networks. We begin with a brief overview of linear codes. Next, we examine van Dijk's approach to realize an access structure using a linear secret sharing scheme; then we focus on a much simpler approach by Tang, Gao, and Chen. We show how this method can be used to find an optimal linear secret sharing scheme for an access structure with six participants. In the last chapter, we examine network coding and point out some similarities between secret sharing schemes and network coding. We present results from a paper by Silva and Kschischang; in particular, we present the concept of universal security and their coset coding scheme to achieve universal security.