Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Digital Production Arts

Committee Chair/Advisor

Davis, Timothy

Committee Member

Malloy , Brian

Committee Member

Feeser , Andrea


Animals have traditionally occupied a special role in human culture and media, and are also often the focus of today's computer-animated films. The computer graphics (CG) short, Wycinanki, examines the human-animal bond through the story of a woman who rescues animals in Poland. Additionally, Wycinanki draws on the cultural history of its protagonist with its unique paper-cut render style. The goal of this film is to engage viewers and enhance the staying power of the film's message via a compelling story and visuals.
A significant amount of environment and character development and testing was necessary to translate the 2D art of papercutting into an effective animated CG short. The final render pipeline, while incorporating varying graphics programs and approaches, resulted in efficient renders and composites that satisfied the visual demands of the story.



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