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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Poston, Jonathan

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Robbins, Ashley

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Russell, Robert


Over the years a small brick building on the former Charleston Navy Base and Shipyard has been studied, yet still leaves many with unanswered questions. Much speculation has been made about its builder, and date of construction, but with little success. Many researchers cannot agree on the original use of this building, usually referred to as the 'Dead House.' Historical research pointed to many answers, but often led to almost insurmountable questions. This author's recent research has found several missing sites eliminating much confusion. Further research has led to explanations for many of the enigmatic aspects of this building. Architectural, material and structural analysis of receiving tombs and powder magazines with known histories created a control group. Systematic study of the 'Dead House' culminating in archaeological exploration has literally uncovered new information not available before.