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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Digital Production Arts

Committee Chair/Advisor

Malloy, Brian

Committee Member

Davis , Tim

Committee Member

Donar , David


In this paper, we address some of the technological issues and shortcomings that led to the recession in popularity of the Beat 'em up video game genre. In particular, we adapt current technological advances and apply them to 3D video game development to mirror the mechanics of the 2D Beat 'em up genre. We describe our assembly-line approach to 3D asset production that permits quick development of multiple and varied characters and environments. Our approach to 3D camera placement provides the same viewpoint used in the 2D game approach. We have developed various scripts to streamline the animation process. In addition, levels are designed retroactively with a go right' mentality, and various programming techniques that facilitate swappable, and multiple enemy types with didifferent AI behaviors. Finally, we apply current hit detection technology to the spirit of the Beat 'em up.



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