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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Digital Production Arts


Davis, Tim

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Tessendorf , Jerry

Committee Member

Penna , Tony


The following thesis documents the development of a non-traditional rendering technique, that of classic impressionist painting, and its use to create an animated three-dimensional painting. Impressionist style painting has an organic feel to it, with brush strokes that remain visible in the dried paint and a light, lively color palette that seeks to capture the light in an image. Reproducing this style in a computer-generated image is no small task. For this project a CG paint method was developed, utilizing Maya Paint Effects and particles. This method was implemented with a script, saving time by automating the process as much as possible.
This project was implemented by a group of graduate students. Before settling on the above described solution, many alternative methods were researched and tested. The use of Maya Paint Effects and particles was proven an effective choice for this project because it produced the visual effects desired in a manner that was fairly easily handled by the available equipment. The particle script has been used successfully through three iterations of this project, each time bringing it closer to the original vision.