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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Hudgins, Carter L.

Committee Member

Stiefel, Barry L.

Committee Member

Russell, Robert D.


This thesis is examines the finances of house museums in New England with annual receipts under $250,000. It discusses the need to compile and evaluate data of this nature and the steps that were taken to obtain and present that data. This study maps how house museums behaved during this period. It will also present recommendations for practices that can be implemented to either drive revenue up or costs down.
It analyzes the various income and expense categories as they have been reported to the Internal Revenue Service for the filing years 2000 through 2009. The income categories analyzed include: Gifts and Grants, Investment Income, Net Proceeds on the Sale of Securities, Gross Margin on Sales of Merchandise, Other Revenue. The expense categories analyzed include: Employee Compensation, Professional Fees, Insurance, Postage and Shipping, Repairs and Maintenance, Total Occupancy Expense, Total Office Expense. Also studied were the balance sheet accounts of Cash, Investments, and Total Liabilities.