Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Legacy Department

Landscape Architecture

Committee Chair/Advisor

Powers, Matthew

Committee Member

McCubbin , Mary B

Committee Member

Russel , Paul


Recently, food landscape has been put forward under ecological urbanism. Most of our food in the plate comes from miles away and transporting them consumes large amount non-renewable energy in earth. At the same time, our existing landscape suffers from the land degrading because of old ecological paradigm. Food landscape encourages combining edible plants in our landscape and works under new ecological paradigm which could best address those two main problems. Food landscape is a newly coined word and does not have a specific definition. From intensive literature review, the origin, the rationale, and the benefits of food landscape will be discussed and two bodies of knowledge, new ecological paradigm, edible landscape are introduced to shape and support the idea of food landscape. The research's outcome will be applied in Johns de la Howe School. Because of the context of school, another body of knowledge, therapeutic garden, will also be discussed to better address the research problems. The research aims to reach what kind of principles should be developed to realize food landscape successfully under those three bodies of knowledge. Another research method case study will be used to fully develop the design principles.



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