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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

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Professional Communication

Committee Chair/Advisor

Hilligoss, Susan

Committee Member

Haynes, Cynthia

Committee Member

Ding, Huiling


The focus of this study is to investigate how one affiliate is situated in a particular context in order to understand, modify, and maintain its mission in the community, a process that this affiliate calls 'community impact.' The study of this Susan G. Komen affiliate will provide insight into how nonprofits build social capital in order to convince a target audience to invest, whether through volunteering, partnering, or donating monetarily. Further, this study will examine how relationships are created, as well as maintained, and the role of identification within these partnerships. Lastly, this study will explore how a nonprofit localizes a value. Whether it is marketing a brand to a particular audience, or stepping into the role of developing a CIP, professional communicators need to understand how to develop, utilize and maintain relationships, as well as understand the process of localization, whether it is localizing a product or a value. Studying the development of a successful CIP will offer an understanding as to how these affiliates operate, how they accomplish their mission, how they implement their program in order to create community impact and how they assess their own success.



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