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Master of Science (MS)

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Packaging Science


Thomas, Ronald

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Batt , Gregory

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Daum , Matthew


The stress-energy method is a proposed enhancement to ASTM D1596 that reduces all drop height, thickness and static load combinations into a single equation that can be used to generate any reasonable cushion curve for a particular material. There remains a question as to how accurate the stress-energy method can predict acceleration values and whether it is statistically comparable to ASTM D1596. There are three phases to this research that attempt to determine the accuracy of the stress-energy method: gathering data using the stress-energy method and analyzing the goodness of fit of the stress-energy equation, predicting a cushion curve and observing the upper and lower bounds for a given drop height and thickness, and using ASTM D1596 to create a cushion curve with the same drop height and thickness and comparing it to the predicted cushion curve.