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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

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Landscape Architecture


Powers, Matt

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Cunningham , Miller G.

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Ford , Dan


Historic Conservation seeks to protect the historically significant built environment while
allowing for more current uses. As it pertains to land planning, this effort extends current
land-use tools beyond the historic and conservation districts to include buffer districts and
heritage areas. We need these tools because preservation, which is defined as maintaining
an unaltered environment, does not adequately address managing change over time. Fort
Moultrie on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina is one example where historic preservation
and conservation merge to address the adaptive reuse of this former military installation.
At Fort Moultrie, many of these former installations are in disrepair and consume
valuable space on a small barrier island where real estate is a premium. This study uses
surveys and interviews with local residents, officials and tourists to develop a set of
design guidelines for the island. Through the planning and design process, community
residents and visitors can be re-engaged to not only memorialize a former battle site, but
also give this landscape a current application that can be utilized for future stakeholders,
and enjoyed everyday.