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Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Forest Resources

Committee Chair/Advisor

Gering, Lawrence R


The Horry County South Carolina Solid Waste Authority wanted to create a space that could serve the duties of the landfill and as an environmental education and recreation facility on a tract of land they own. Several areas of minimal ecological importance are used as sorting facilities for storm debris and cap dirt excavation areas for use on the active landfill. The remainder of the tract is planned for the development of an environmental education, nature-based tourism, and outdoor recreation center. A natural resources management plan was produced to promote and protect the ecological diversity of the tract. A geographic information system (GIS) was then produced for the tract and used to assist in making decisions on the placement of interpretive trails. This was followed up by a historical analysis of the area. These elements were then combined to create a comprehensive educational web site for the property.

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Agriculture Commons



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