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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

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Landscape Architecture

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Powers, Matthew N

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Nassar , Hala F

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Schurch , Thomas W


The post-industrial brownfield, generally regarded as one type of brownfield, is defined as an industrial property that remains abandoned or underutilized in part because of environmental contamination. In China, more and more post-industrial sites are abandoned because of changes to city land use, often becoming an obstacle for healthy city growth. This phenomenon places more concerns on brownfield redevelopment in China. Chinese professionals in landscape architecture can borrow some methods and techniques for addressing brownfields from more developed countries. While the brownfields in China share some similar characteristics with those in developed countries, they also have some specific features. For example, brownfields in China reflect the history of city development. Thus, brownfields form a cultural connection to the past. Based on this viewpoint, some new design considerations in culture and history should be included in brownfield redevelopment in China.
For this study, the researcher selected a typical brownfield site in China to redevelop. Firstly, the researcher conducted on-site analysis and literature review to establish the cultural significance of the selected site and city. Then, case studies in the United States, Europe, and China were used to help frame strategies that these cases could be employed to preserve the cultural significance of post-industrial sites such as the one in Wanzhou. Finally, a series of design guidelines aiming to support cultural sustainability on brownfield sites in China has been developed and illustrated through a comprehensive design.



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