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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

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Landscape Architecture

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Powers, Dr. Matthew

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Vincent , Dr. Ellen

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Ford , Dan


Historically, botanical gardens have many contributing factors relating to their success. Attracting visitors to botanical sites all around the world and providing a unique set of resources are only a portion of what makes these types of gardens so successful. This paper will first analyze the effects botanical gardens, in their current state of operation; have on society from a cultural, economic, and environmental impact. This paper will then propose and discuss education, environmental and community awareness and urban potential. Through a past and present inventory, a proposed alternative future for botanical gardens will be revealed.
Botanical gardens have an abundant set of resources that can allow for more integration. These resources include record keeping, networks, maintenance staff, administration, and living collections. However, looking at botanical gardens through a large scope addresses three important topics that will be discussed in this paper: research, horticulture, education. Let's not forget that aesthetic qualities play an important role as well in the collaboration of all the factors involved in making a botanical garden an important piece of the designed landscape.
Botanical gardens are generally high in maintenance. This paper will address possible urban conservation problems to be solved by botanical gardens through the built environment and focus on supporting the efforts of more nation-wide botanic use in implemented designs. Through understanding current research on botanical gardens involving climate change, botanical capacity, uses and interest and motives, the role of botanical gardens can then begin and better address conservation and restoration problems through engaging the community and finding solutions for current neglect.
The research methods will be conducted using telephone interviews, site visits, and self-administered questionnaires. The changing economy has proven to add to the uncertainty of where future of botanical gardens are heading. This research will help clarify the uncertainty and provide solutions for the future of botanical parks of a variety of spaces. The green industry has allowed opportunities for botanical gardens to advance their resources and provide a high level of education. This study will open vast amounts of opportunities to bring botanical gardens from outside the city into the urban environment in a variety of new and exciting ways while addressing important urban environmental issues of restoration and conservation. Through understanding urban botanical gardens use of conservation and ecology, the conclusion has been made evident that urban spaces provide a great opportunity to educate the community.
This project has given light to the idea that botanical gardens should use collaborative space with public parks to provide an opportunity to educate, engage, and illuminate urban dwellers through the use of botanical garden functions and conservation education. This project is about exposure, illumination, and community engagement. Encouraging botanical gardens to become activists in the community through better partnerships and developing new ways to expose the natural environment as an education resource. This project connects with the community on a deeper level to illuminate the minds with conservation and gain support and activism in the community. The project takes the unsightly, run down, degraded site and fills it with life again to show people that mother nature is important not only for ecological purposes but to societies well being and public health.



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