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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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Wrangle, Anderson P

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Feeser , Andrea

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Hung , Christina


This body of work explores my perception of the landscape. I traverse spaces that exist in the in-between. My work functions on a personal level in that I am seeking a reconnection with my surroundings through a physically intense interaction with the land. It is an attempt to reengage the land, to form knowledge, awareness, and a sense of belonging.
Through performance I explore transcendent potential within the landscape. These performances of slow walks through the landscape are documented through video. Viewing of the documentation grants points of projection for the viewer. The videos both engage and undermine how people tend to view land as a stage for transcendence and as a screen on to which they project desires to master territory.
The picturesque (a picture-like view characterized by variety, asymmetry, and temporality) becomes an access point through which I invite the viewer to consider the photographic image. I construct photographic tableaus that speak of exploration, a search for knowledge through consideration of space, and transcendence in the landscape experience. These images are presented as meditative experience.
When considered together, a dialogue between my videos and photographs creates a third critical space; once viewed, the information from the two methods becomes inseparable. To reach a conclusion the accumulated experiences must be acknowledged. Each offers a different mode of looking and interacting with the landscape, together and in unison they offer viewers the means to reflect on and re-evaluate their knowledge of landscape.

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