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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Detrich, David

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Vatalaro , Mike

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Hung , Christina

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McDonald , Todd


Although modern life is often fragmented and hurried with little time for reflection, the shared use and contemplation of handmade objects can strengthen human connections. By creating functional ceramics for everyday use, I make tools that help heighten users' awareness of their food, their families and their communities. My work considers the interaction between person and object through the senses of sight and touch. Cups, pouring vessels and small bowls have rounded forms that fit easily in the hand, while large bowls have grooves and folds inspired by the natural landscape; plate and bowl sets are designed to be assembled into sculptural towers that require human interaction before use, thereby encouraging contemplation of form. To further the sensation of touch, I frequently apply textures from elements I find in my environment. These textures inform the user of my interest in repurposing cast-off materials as well as contributing to the human connection that is evident in the individuality of form and in the marks left behind from my tools and hands.

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