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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Noneaker, Daniel L

Committee Member

Pursley , Michael B

Committee Member

Russell , Harlan B


New analytical bounds are developed for the probability of code-word error in a communication system with convolutional coding and soft-decision Viterbi decoding. The bounds are applicable to communications in channels with asynchronous interferers which are modeled as independent, partial-time white Gaussian interference sources. This model is often used in simulations to reflect the circumstances encountered in many packet radio communication networks. The new results include both purely analytical bounds and offline-simulation-aided bounds that permit implementation of accurate communication-link models with much lower online computational and storage requirements than are required with traditional Monte Carlo simulations of link performance. They significantly improve the trade-off that has previously existed between model fidelity and simulation complexity in Monte Carlo simulations of large-scale wireless communication networks with links employing convolutional coding.