Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Polymer and Fiber Science

Committee Chair/Advisor

Richardson, Kathleen

Committee Member

Brown , Philip

Committee Member

Norfolk , Chris


This study has aimed to evaluate property uniformity from data obtained utilizing one design of a single layup composite plaque, three sources of glass fibers and a single, industry accepted resin to produce a repeatable fabrication process. This thesis has investigated the following:
1. Whether the type of glass (E-Glass, S-Glass, and R-Glass) influences the property values of individually tested samples compared between glass types.
2. Whether the type of glass influences the property uniformity throughout the set of tested samples.
3. Whether the composite plaque design and resulting performance, as defined by ASTM Standards or industry accepted parameters, is adequate for use in the defined military application or wind specific application.
The resulting data showed trends that established the relationship between the mechanical properties of the materials used in constructing the composites and the properties of fabricated composite test plaques. The S-glass resulted in the highest ultimate fracture strength and modulus, yet had the highest properties per cost value. The E-glass demonstrated the worst mechanical properties of the three grades, however had the highest value comparing properties to cost. All of the composites were fabricated at



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