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Master of Architecture (MArch)

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Allison, David

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Battisto , Dina

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Dye , Cheryl


Adult Day Services (ADS) facilities have been shown to enable aging in place through the cost-efficient delivery of senior health-related services. However, the most common ADS typologies often work in opposition to the goals of care delivery. The primary intention of this proposal is to envision an Adult Day Services program that is holistically focused on senior wellness and rehabilitation, and which is articulated and reinforced through facility design. A new programmatic and facility typology is proposed and evaluated against a set of design guidelines based on research findings and best practices found in a literature review. In addition, this study aims to achieve a more thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of Adult Day Services to reveal health-related service goals that are most appropriate for the aging population. These findings would inform a design that could contribute to a more economical and appropriate delivery of long-term health and wellness care in contemporary society.

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Architecture Commons



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