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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Psychology


Taylor, Mary Anne

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Rosopa , Patrick

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Sinclair , Robert


The current study investigated two psychological moderators (generativity and occupational stress) of the impact of flexible scheduling and mentoring opportunities on the attraction and application intentions of older nurses of bridge employment age. Of the 600 registered nurses who were contacted via postal mail, 101 responded. Participants were randomly assigned to one of six conditions in which a hypothetical job advertisement was manipulated with varying levels each of flexible scheduling (input vs no input into the schedule) and mentoring opportunities (formal, informal, and none). Input was found to have a main effect on organizational attraction, but main effects were not found for mentoring opportunities. No moderation effects were found. Interestingly, generativity was found to have a main effect on both organizational and application intentions, indicating its importance in future research of the interest to return to work of bridge employees.

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