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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


Vatalaro, Mike



This work is about my perception of the sensual form. These ceramic sculptures are meant to interact with the audience through internal thoughts and feelings without the impression of 'things' that objectify the body. There is a part of my work that is manifest through the viewer as voyeur, but my intent is not to be so explicit in that manner. Contrary to this, I am attempting to deliver a tactile approach to perceive sensuality through forms that provoke sensual pleasure. It provides a counterpoint to how we might reconsider what is sensual to what is sexual by investigating our internal thoughts and emotions rather than the preconceived objects of the body.
Through an exploration of the physiological body, I have investigated the idea of vulnerability as a 'bodily' experience that has continued to reveal itself innately through the use of my materials. Vulnerability also appears in my work as a condition of discomfort and anxiety when the viewer is confronted with imagery that is sexually suggestive. I am suggesting that the viewer determine their personal boundaries between sexuality and sensuality while negotiating conditioned inhibitions.

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