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Master of Science (MS)

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Morse, John C.

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Adler , Peter H.

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Brown , Bryan L.


Larvae of the genus Cheumatopsyche (Trichoptera:Hydropsychidae) are a
abundant and probably significant ecological component of freshwater lotic ecosystems
worldwide, with many species inhabiting streams with elevated organic pollution. The
varying tolerance levels among these species necessitate species-level identification for
accurate water-quality assessment. However, past workers have had difficulty separating
the Nearctic species in the larval stage. This research presents progress on the goal
towards identification of larval Cheumatopsyche. Chaetotaxal and cuticular characters are delimited for 7 larval morphotypes, all of which have been putatively associated with
adults. The Nearctic phylogeny of Cheumatopsyche is revised, including 5 species
described after 1987. The distribution of larval characters is hypothesized with reference
to the phylogeny, including 3 main species groups. Biogeographic relationships for
Nearctic areas of endemism are inferred cladistically.

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Entomology Commons



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